Laundry Liquid


Remove soils & grease while naturally cleansing all fabric types


We make high-quality natural products that actually work really well

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    TAJAECO Laundry Liquid is a superior phosphate and sodium-free laundry liquid that attacks the soil and grease from clothing, and linens. Suitable for top or front-loading machines. This is a non-hazardous, non-toxic and environmental alternative, safe to recycle as greywater. Leaves no powder residue in your machine and removes powder build-up.

    Dilution Guide

    Dilution Guide

    200 mL: Heavy Load
    100 mL: Medium Load
    50 mL: Small Load

    • Suitable for top or front-loading machines.
    • Whites, Dark & Colors, Delicate Fabrics, Jeans, & Towels.
    How to Use

    How to Use

    Washing Machine



    Water (Aqua), Benzalkonium chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Butyl Glycol Ether, Polyalkylene Oxide, EDTA, LAURETH-8, Alkyl Polysaccharide, Fragrance (Paraben-free)

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